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An on-line method developed for separating plutonium and americium was developed. The method is based on the use of HPLC pump with three analytical chromatographic columns. Plutonium is reduced throughout the procedure to trivalent oxidation state, and is recovered in the various separation steps together with americium. Light lanthanides and trivalent actinides are separated with TEVA resin in thiocyanate/formic acid media. Trivalent plutonium and americium are pre-concentrated in a TCC-II cation-exchange column, after which the separation is performed in CS5A ion chromatography column by using two different eluents. Pu(III) is eluted with a dipicolinic acid eluent, and Am(III) with oxalic acid eluent. Radiochemical and chemical purity of the eluted plutonium and americium fractions were ensured with alpha-spectrometry.

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A radioactively contaminated marine sediment core stemming from Irish Sea has been characterized by radiometric and mass spectrometric techniques as for 237Np, 241Am, 239Pu, 240Pu, 241Pu, 137Cs and 154Eu. The data obtained with independent methods in the framework of a QA/QC program as compared with the source term discharges, as well as with those reported in literature, are in good agreement.

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