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The effects of biphasic electric fields on nerve regeneration that follows injury to the left radial nerve were studied in dogs by electromyography (EMG). Left and right radial nerves were crushed with a serrated haemostat. Stimulating electrodes were positioned proximally and distally to the site of the injury. The left nerves received rectangular, biphasic and current pulses (30 µA, 0.5 Hz) through the injury for two months. The right radial nerves were treated as controls and regenerated without electrical stimulation. EMG activities were recorded intramuscularly from the left and right musculus extensor digitalis communis (MEDC). Results obtained at the end of the two-month stimulation period showed a significant difference in EMG activity between the left (stimulated) and the right (non-stimulated) MEDC, suggesting that electrical treatment enhanced nerve regeneration.

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