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Hydroconversion of n-decane was investigated on a series of platinum loaded ZSM-5 samples with varied Si/Al ratio. It was observed that the catalytic activity of ZSM-5 zeolite catalysts decreased with increasing Si/Al ratios in samples. The isomer selectivity in the platinum catalysts increased with the Si/Al ratio, which can be explained by a better balance between acidic and hydrogenating sites (high nPt/nH+ ratio = 0.3). On this catalyst, the olefinic intermediates formed on Pt come into contact with few acidic sites before encountering a Pt particle again on which they hydrogenate to be transformed into branched isomers. Among the various C10 isomers, 2-MeC9 was preferentially formed. On all catalysts, the content of linear products in the carbon number fractions is higher than branched products. This result is interpreted by type C hydrocracking of methylnonanes.

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