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Thirteen ancient Chinese manuscripts have been seen as texts of a long lost 8th-century early Chan Buddhist chronicle, the Lidai fabao ji. A number of textual indications, however, suggest that they cannot be taken as the Tang sources, because their texts have been redacted between 907 and the early 11th century. The original Tang source, Lidai fabao ji, remains mysterious to date.

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Although it has been traditionally accepted that quebi 缺筆, one of the name taboo (bihui 避諱) methods, appeared in Tang Gaozong’s reign (649 – 683), a number of unexamined examples attest that quebi may have appeared in Tang Taizong’s reign (626 – 649). This advancement enhances the usage of bihui to conduct research and urges us to rethink the 7th-century development of bihui.

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