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The NOD-like receptor protein 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome comprised of NLRP3, ASC and caspase-1 plays an important role in the inflammatory and innate immune response. However, little is known about the expression pattern and histological distribution of these genes in goat. Here, we first cloned the fulllength cDNAs of the NLRP3, ASC and caspase-1 genes of Hainan black goat and produced their polyclonal antibodies. Tissue-specific expression and histological distribution of these genes were analysed. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that these three goat genes had high homology with Bos taurus genes and low homology with avian or fish genes. After immunisations with these recombinant Histagged proteins, the titres of antiserum were higher than 1:1024 and purified IgG was obtained. These three genes were expressed in all examined tissues, the mRNA expression level of NLRP3 and caspase-1 was most abundant in the spleen and mesenteric lymph nodes (MLNs), while ASC was primary expressed in the liver, spleen and kidney. The histological distribution of NLRP3, ASC and caspase-1 was detected in myocardial cells, hepatocytes, focal lymphocytes, bronchiolar epithelial cells, renal tubular epithelial cells, cortical neurons and endothelial cells of the germinal centres in the MLNs. These results will be helpful in further investigations into the function of the NLRP3 inflammasome and in elucidating its role in caprine inflammatory diseases.

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Authors: Yuan Wang, Ruimin Ma, Tianhao Tang, Xia Liu, Ping Xie, Jianxin Wang, Jianxiang Liu, Haideng Zhou and Siwei Zhang


This article explores a method of evaluating the comprehensive competitiveness of American universities in Bridge Engineering, which is beneficial for students’ picking up an ideal university for further study in America. Making use of ESI database, SCI database and EI database as well as the ranking of American universities from U.S. News and World Report, the author evaluates the comprehensive competitiveness of American universities in Bridge Engineering, and then develops the ranking of comprehensive competitiveness of American universities in Bridge Engineering specialty. From the ranking, the author reaches the conclusion that American universities such as University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign and Georgia Institute of Technology and so on, have comparatively higher international influence and competitiveness in the field of Bridge Engineering.

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