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Archaeologiai Értesítő
Authors: Alexandra Anders, Zoltán Czajlik, Marietta Csányi, Nándor Kalicz, Emese Gyöngyvér Nagy, Pál Raczky, and Judit Tárnoki

This paper presents the results of a research project, which was launched in 1999 by the Institute of Archaeological Sciences of the ELTE. Our main goal was to create a register of Hungarian tell settlements. First we collected all available information on tell settlements from the archaeological literature and various museum archives. Following this preliminary data filtering, fifty of the initial 161 Neolithic sites and 116 of the 224 Bronze Age sites were classified as genuine tells or tell-like settlements. After that we determined the accurate location and co-ordinates of the sites using aerial photography called for the construction of a GIS database. The destruction (by erosion, by flood, etc.) of the tell settlements can be monitored virtually from one day to the other. In addition to a precise site condition assessment, the project yielded fresh information about settlement layouts, such as the presence of enclosures. At some sites, aerial photography was followed by a magnetometer survey.

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Authors: Chiara Nardocci, Judit Simon, Fanni Kiss, Tamás Györke, Péter Szántó, Ádám Domonkos Tárnoki, Dávid László Tárnoki, Veronika Müller, and Pál Maurovich-Horvat


Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic progressive disease lacking a definite etiology, characterized by the nonspecific symptoms of dyspnea and dry cough. Due to its poor prognosis, imaging techniques play an essential role in diagnosing and managing IPF. High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) has been shown to be the most sensitive modality for the diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. It is the primary imaging modality used for the assessment and follow-up of patients with IPF. Other not commonly used imaging methods are under research, such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography-computed tomography are alternative imaging techniques. This literature review aims to provide a brief overview of the imaging of IPF-related alterations.

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