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The Dede Qorqud Oġuznameleri are a collection of heroic stories in a Middle Oghuz variety with Eastern Anatolian linguistic features that distinguish this text pronouncedly from contemporaneous texts in Ottoman Turkish sensu proprio. This contribution examines the expressions of modality attested in this text. It establishes an inventory of the morphological and morpho-syntactic items expressing modal notions such as event modality, epistemic modality and the moods, and addresses diachronic as well as typological issues. All types of modal expressions found in the text are illustrated by examples.

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Grammaticalisation is an umbrella term for a set of partly unrelated processes that share a common result, namely the emergence of grammatical units. Although the Turkic languages represent a relatively homogeneous family of closely related languages, they are highly variegated in terms of how they express modal categories. The multitude of expressions stems from a restricted set of developments that can be empirically documented. This paper investigates heterogeneous specimens of expressions of modality in the Turkic languages and identifies the mechanisms that underlie the diachronic and synchronic variation that can be observed in Turkic modal constructions.

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