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The bacterial degradation of naphthalene and other PAH in liquid media by pure cultures was investigated by an isothermic flow-calorimeter. Anabolic and catabolic processes were found to be separated distinctly. The phase of exponential heat production was developed only weakly. This was attributed to the low solubility and the dependence of the dissolving rate of substrate as the rate determining step on cristal surface and diffusion.

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The amorphous content of different Desferal samples was quantified by recording its recrystallization using isothermal microcalorimetry in a static as well as in a flowing humid atmosphere. Furthermore water vapor sorption gravimetry was performed for the same purpose. These analytical methods result in a quantitative signal directly dependent on the content of the amorphous phase (recrystallization, water sorption equilibrium). Their sensitivity allows the detection of amorphous content below 1%. Methods are compared and advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

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