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Thermal decomposition of cobalt hexa(formato)ferrate(III) decahydrate, Co3[Fe(HCOO)6]2. 10H2O, has been studied up to 973 K in static air atmosphere, employing TG, DTG, DSC, XRD, ESR, Mössbauer and infrared spectroscopic techniques. Dehydration occurs in two stages in the temperature range of 340–430 K. Immediately after the removal of the last water molecule the anhydrous complex undergoes decomposition till -Fe2O3 and cobalt carbonate are formed at 588 K. In the final stage of remixing of cations, a solid state reaction between -Fe2O3 and cobalt carbonate leads to the formation of CoFe2O4 at a temperature (953 K) much lower than for the ceramic method. A saturation magnetization value of 2310 Gauss of ferrite (CoFe2O4) shows its potential to function at high frequencies.

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