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Authors: K. Tomolya, D. Janovszky, A. Sycheva, M. Sveda, T. Ferenczi and A. Roósz

Six compositions in (Cu49Zr45Al6)100 − xyNixTiy (x = 0, 5, 10; y = 0, 5, 10) system were selected in order to investigate the amorphization progress caused by milling. The initial structure of the powders before milling, type, and composition of the phases and their influence on the amorphization process were examined. CuZr phase was found to be determinative phase of amorphization process; however, its size does not influence it significantly in this system. CuZr fully dissolved the alloying elements, so that Ni and Ti phases do not appear as independent phases. In most cases, after 15 h of milling, the powders had amorphous structure with a few nanosized crystalline particles. It was shown that addition of both 10% Ti and 10% Ni to the alloy was an optimum condition to get stable, amorphous structure already after 12 h of ball milling.

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