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A new species of the monotypic endemic genus Omiltemia Standl. was discovered in the Sierra Madre Occidental at the western part of the state Oaxaca, near to the border of the state Guerrero. The small leaved new species ( O. parvifolia ) holding the main characteristics of the genus Omiltemia , the slightly asymmetrical tubular corolla and the broadly winged filaments inserted in the lower half of the corolla tube, just above of its narrow part, confirms the separation of the genus from Pseudomiltemia Borhidi. Key words: Mexico, new, Oaxaca, Omiltemia

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Estudios Sobre Rubiáceas Méxicanas XXXVI

Dos especies nuevas en el género Rogiera Planch. (Rondeletieae)

Acta Botanica Hungarica
Authors: A. Borhidi and K. Velasco Gutiérrez

Two new Rogiera species have been detected in the collections of the Andayu group of Oaxaca (R. oaxacensis) and of the State University of Tabasco (R. tabascensis). Both species are notable because of their pending, creeping, liana-like habit growing on calcareous rocks, which is a rare geological formation in the mountainous systems of México formed mostly by old crystalline cordilleras and young volcanic ridges. Up to now only one species of Rogiera, the R. subscandens from Chiapas and Guatemala has been known of this life-form.

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Two new species of the genus Deppea . Schltdl. et Cham. were collected in the Putla district of Oaxaca state, near to the Oaxaca-Guerrero border near to the southern end of the eastern wing of the Sierra Madre Occidental, both species belong to the group characterised by flowers of funnel-shaped corolla with longer tube than the corolla lobes, short filaments and included anthers in the throat, features different from those of the type species D. erythrorhiza and related species with rotated flowers with short tube and long corolla lobes, long exerted filaments and anthers. Based on the mentioned floral-morphological differences — similar to those detected formerly in the genus Edithea Standl. — a new section is established for a group of five species under the name Paradeppea .

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The new Guettarda species of Oaxaca (Mexico) is related to G. foliacea Standl. of a distribution from Tabasco and Chiapas to Panama, but differs by having long acuminate and falcate leaves with lineolate quaternary nerves on the abaxial surface, inflorescences with very short ovate and glabrous bracteoles and much shorter flowers with 8–9 mm long corolla tube.

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