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Authors: Kinga Balla, István Gyene, Klára Szentágothai, Zsuzsa Bak and Györgyi Mezei

Background: The aim of this study was to compare fitness levels of 8–13 years old healthy and asthmatic boys from 1985 and 2004. Subjects and methods: The swimmer asthmatics from 1985 (SA1, n = 40) and from 2004 (SA2, n = 26) participated in the same therapeutic swimming training. Healthy, non-swimmer children (NonSH1 in 1985, n = 41 and NonSH2 in 2004, n = 54) participated in physical education classes. Results: Comparing the fitness outcomes of all boys from 1985 with that obtained in 2004 a significant difference was found ( p < 0.0001, boys from 1985 had better results). Fitness of NonSH1 was significantly better than fitness of NonSH2 ( p < 0.0001), similarly SA1 had better fitness results than SA2 ( p = 0.0003). Conclusion: There was a trend between 1985 and 2004, so that the fitness of healthy and asthmatic children worsened. Further investigations are needed to clarify the medical and social aspects of the results.

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