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A fish otolith assemblage consisting of 173 specimens was recovered from littoral sand deposits of the brackish Lake Pannon at Doba, western Hungary. Co-occurring endemic mollusks indicate the Lymnocardium ponticum Zone, thus an age of about 9 million years (Late Miocene) can be assumed. Most of the investigated otoliths belong to the family Sciaenidae. The otoliths are assigned to 6 taxa: Umbrina cirrhosoides, Umbrina aff. cirrosa, Umbrina sp., “genus aff. Umbrinakokeni, Morone kuehni?, Gadidae indet. This otolith assemblage does not represent the ancient fish fauna of Lake Pannon, because the common prey fish (gobiids) have not been identified. Generally, the Pannonian fish fauna is characterized by a high number of sciaenid otoliths which indicate a shallow estuarine environment. The fish fauna from Doba is a unique otolith assemblage due to the co-occurrence of several Umbrina species.

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