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The parameters affecting the formation of the microemulsion were investigated and the microemulsion region was determined. The extraction of uranium(VI) from HNO3 solution into a water in oil microemulsion was studied. The effects of the concentration of extractant (TRPO), the volume ratio of oil to water and the acidity of outer water phase on the extraction equilibrium of uranium(VI) are discussed and the appropriate conditions are obtained. The result showed the microemulsion has great efficiency for uranium(VI) extraction.

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The i-butyldodecylsulfoxide (BDSO) was synthesized. The extraction of uranium(VI) has been carried out with BDSO in toluene from various HNO3 concentrations. It was found that the distribution ratio increases with increasing nitric acid concentration up to 3.0 mol/l and then decreases. The distribution ratios also increase with increasing extractant concentration. The extracted species appears to be UO2(NO3)2·2BDSO and the equilibrium constant value is 15.2. The influence of temperature, sodium nitrate and oxalate concentrations on the extraction was also investigated, and the thermodynamic functions of the extraction reaction were obtained.

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