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In our present study we aimed to recognize the temporal and spatial patterns of Noctuinae communities (Lep.Noctuidae)of four differently managed apple orchards laying in different localities of Hungary.Data were obtained by light trap collection. The quantitative data resulting from our investigations were analyzed by multivariate methods and were also analyzed by their diversity characteristics.As a result connections were found regarding the diversities of species and individuals,the patterns of occurrence and phenological properties.The studies were based on 8497 individuals of 39 species.

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Authors: L. Hufnagel, MÁRTA Gaál, BRIGITTA Őszi and Z. Mészáros

The knowledge of the population dynamical characteristics of the pests fundamentally determines the success of the plant protection prognosis. In this paper we examine the possibilities of the utilization of the information about the population dynamical stability that we get from field examination data. We take into account neighbouring data pairs from data series regarding the change of insect density counted at stated intervals. Using these pairs of values – from the tendency of the absolute and relative changes – we can draw conclusion on the stability of the individual density values or on the stability of the whole dynamical pattern.

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Authors: Márta Patyi, István Sejben, Gábor Cserni, Beáta Sántha, Zoltán Gaál, Júlia Pongrácz and Ferenc Oberna

In polymorbid or anaemic patients who receive preoperative radiotherapy or undergo long duration surgery involving potentially infectious sites, perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis (PAP) that is effective against normal oral bacterial flora is mandatory and plays an important role in preventing postoperative infection. In a four-year retrospective analysis, the incidence, outcome, and the efficacy of PAP were evaluated in patients treated at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology at Kecskemét Hospital. The results were compared with data from the literature to determine if the use of PAP was adequate at the Department.During the study period (between 01/09/2007 and 31/01/2011) 108 patients were evaluated. The mean duration of prophylactic antibiotic treatment was 8.3 ± 5.2 days, with cefotaxime+metronidazole being the most commonly used combination. Surgical site infection occurred in 8 patients (7.5%) in the clean-contaminated category.Our results showed that the perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis administered at our Department was efficient and effective against the oral bacterial flora of patients. Its use is recommended in head and neck microsurgery. To avoid development of antibiotic resistance and to reduce costs, it seems that the duration of antibiotic regimen for primary surgery can be reduced from 8.3 ± 5.2 days to 3 days.

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