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Since antiquity Latium constitutes a legendary refuge for the lost traveler (Ulysses), the persecuted being (Saturn) and the exiled warrior (Aeneas). On the other side of the Mediterranean, North Africa, between the end of 19th century and the first half of 20th century, was also a shelter for many expatriates, in particular Italian immigrants. In the aftermath of decolonization, after a breaking of a few generations and a dramatic colonial experience, Latium represents the privileged place of repatriation for many Italians. This article focuses on Latiumin the imaginary of Tunisian-born Italians and on literarymyths that are set in Southern Latium. In the last part it analyses the figure of Elpenor—the Odyssey’s helmsman who died at Circe’s palace—in the work of Adrien Salmieri (1929–).

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