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The interaction of Cu2+ to the first 16 residues of the Alzheimer’s amyloid β peptide, Aβ(1–16) was studied by isothermal titration calorimetry at pH 7.2 and 37°C in aqueous solution. The Gholamreza Rezaei Behbehani (GRB) solvation model was used to reproduce the enthalpies of interactions of Aβ(1–16) with glycine, Gly+Aβ(1–16), and Cu2+ ions, Cu2+ +Aβ(1–16), over the whole range of Cu2+ concentrations. The binding parameters recovered from the solvation model were attributed to the structural change of Aβ(1–16) due to the glycine and Cu2+ interactions. It was found that there is a set of two identical binding sites for Cu2+ ions. p=2 indicates that the binding has positive cooperativity in the two binding sites. Aβ(1–16) structure is destabilized greatly as a result of binding to Cu2+ ions.

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