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A new hybrid ion exchanger, Triton X-100 based tin(IV) phosphate (TX-100SnP) has been synthesized and characterized by ion exchange and physico-chemical methods such as ion exchange capacity, elution and concentration behaviour, IR, X-ray, TG/DTA and elemental analysis. Its adsorption behaviour has also been studied for some alkaline earths and heavy metal ions in different acidic media. It has been found generally more selective for metal ions as compared to tin(IV) phosphate prepared earlier. For Pb(II), Hg(II) and Fe(III) its selectivity has been found to be exceptionally good. On this basis, some binary separations have been performed involving these metal ions. Thermal studies show a high thermal stability of the material. It retains 54.54% of its i.e.c. at 200�C and 27.27% at 300�C.

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