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The aim of this article is to find the answer whether there exist the masculines and neuters from the Proto-Slavonic 'i-theme' declension in the area of Mohylev (Belorussia). I was determined to pay my special attention to this problem after the research work on ?????? ???????? ???????? ???????????? by I. K. Bialkeviè (editors: M. B. Biry³a i A. A. Kryvicki, Minsk 1970). In conclusion, taking all the language facts into my consider­ation, I think that it is not possible to give a straightforward answer to the question with a view to frequently repeatable publishing errors. According to this fact, it is no doubt about the substantive peèen ?-the only clear and certain example of 'i-theme' declension from the group of supposed Mohylev archaisms. The other ones are questionable and need to be studied with full particulars in the future.

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Authors of previous studies concerning the Oriental (mostly, Turkish and Tatar) influence upon the Ukrainian language in the majority of cases focused on the presentation of Ukrainian word histories. The Oriental etymon as well as conduits of transmission were all too often almost neglected. However, a good etymological dictionary should be a common production of Slavicists and Orientalists. The present article shows some etymologies in which the Oriental background is somewhat closer investigated that it usually is the case.

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