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The thermal decomposition behavior of oxovanadium(IV)hydroxamate complexes of composition [VO(acac)(C6H5C(O)NHO)] (I), [VO(C6H5C(O)NHO)2] (II), [VO(acac)(4-ClC6H4C(O)NHO)] (III), [VO(4-ClC6H4C(O)NHO)2] (IV) (where acac = (CH3COCHCOCH3 ) synthesized from the reactions of VO(acac)2 with equi- and bimolar amounts of potassium benzohydroxamate and potassium 4-chlorobenzohydroxamate in THF + MeOH solvent medium has been studied by TG and DTA techniques. TG curves indicated that complexes I, II, and IV undergo decomposition in single step to yield VO2 as the final residue, while complex III decomposes in two steps to yield VO(acac) as the likely intermediate and VO2 as the ultimate product of decomposition. The formation of VO2 has been authenticated by IR and XRD studies. From the initial decomposition temperatures, the order of thermal stability for the complexes has been inferred as IV > I > III > II.

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