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Authors: Michaela Červeňanská, Dana Baroková and Andrej Šoltész

The water sources located on the inland islands on the left side of the Danube River as well as water sources located on the right bank of the Danube River in the Pečniansky forest have an irreplaceable function in terms of supplying the population in Bratislava with drinking water. There are 80 wells in these mentioned areas operated by the Bratislava Water Company. In order to maintain the actual functions of the water resources, it is therefore necessary to assess the impact of the proposed construction of the multi-purposed structure ‘Hydraulic structure Bratislava — Pečniansky forest’ on these water sources.

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Authors: Michaela Červeňanská, Adam Janík and Dana Baroková

Drainage channels are artificial multi-functional elements in a landscape, which have their own specific functions. Although they are primarily used for the drainage of water, they can also even be used for an opposite function, i.e. the artificial water supply of specific regions. This article presents an evaluation of infiltration experiments in drainage channels in the southeastern part of Slovakia. These experiments served for the collection of input data for numerical modeling, especially the determination of the soil type and hydraulic conductivity. The methodology of experimental works in the field as well as some basic information about their evaluation is included.

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