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Metal-free stereoselective additions of activated nucleophiles to β-nitrostyrenes were investigated under continuous-flow conditions in microreactors, in the presence of a chiral bifunctional catalyst. Optimization of the experimental setup gave excellent enantioselectivities (up to 85% e.e.) and higher productivities if compared to the flask syntheses. The potential of this flow chemistry approach was demonstrated by the successful synthesis of an advanced intermediate for the preparation of the GABAB receptor agonist Baclofen.

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Journal of Flow Chemistry
Authors: Patrizio Salice, Emiliano Rossi, Alessandro Pace, Prasenjit Maity, Tommaso Carofiglio, Enzo Menna and Michele Maggini

The covalent chemistry of carbon nanostructures has put forth a wide variety of interesting derivatives that widen their potential as functional materials. However, the synthetic procedures that have been developed to functionalize the nanostructures may require long reaction times and harsh conditions. In this paper, we study the continuous flow processing of single-wall carbon nanotubes with azomethine ylides and diazonium salts and demonstrate that this approach is effective to reduce reaction times and tune the properties of the functionalized carbon materials.

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