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Priscian’s Institutiones grammaticae is a systematic exposition of Latin grammar. Among the writings of George of Trebizond (Georgius Trapezuntius, 1395–ca. 1474) there is a grammar entitled Departibus orationis ex Prisciano compendium, a grammatical catechism written in Venice in the early 1430s. The primary aim of the present paper is to analyse Trebizond’s procedure in “condensing” Priscian, and to give a comparison of the Institutiones grammaticae with the De partibus orationis ex Prisciano compendium.

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Authors: Schüszler Tamara, Pataki Elvira, Ekler Péter and Mészáros Tamás
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The study of respiratory forms a major application and publication in the medical field. It characterizes the abnormalities in the breathing pattern, which assists in selecting the appropriate treatment methods. In some cases, respiratory characteristics unravel and point out potential diseases. A medical team gathered data from randomly selected recruits. A huge dataset was prepared, which capture the volume and velocity of the breathed air from the target recruits. This paper presents the results of carrying out some of the signal processing, dimension reduction, and data mining techniques over this dataset. In particular, convolution filter, singular value decomposition and density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise were applied. Inhaling behaviors have been categorized into nine groups but with stochastic noise. Some of the groups are big enough and distinguishable to evaluate with the use of eight types of inhalers the model for velocity versus volume of inhaling. Results will be considered by the medical team for choosing the appropriate inhaler out of five types of inhalers appropriate for each group.

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