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There are several phonological categories whose markedness-as inferred from typical markedness metrics- fails to match the representational complexity posited for them. More specifically, glottal stops, geminate clusters, and onsetless syllables are representationally the simplest of their category, yet other criteria, like implicational hierarchies, mark them as special. This paper aims at comprehending this paradox.

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Emancipating lenes

A reanalysis of English obstruent clusters

Acta Linguistica Academica
Author: Péter Szigetvári


I argue that English has no voicing assimilation, in fact, it does not have phonologically voiced segments at all. Voicing in English is spontaneous in sonorants, while obstruents may be phonetically voiced only if lenis and surrounded by spontaneously or passively voiced sounds. The paper claims that most obstruent clusters of English are traditionally misanalysed as fortis+fortis clusters. These clusters are all either fortis+lenis or lenis+fortis; in fact, fortis+fortis clusters are completely ruled out in English.

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Acta Linguistica Academica
Authors: Zoltán G. Kiss and Péter Szigetvári
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Acta Linguistica Hungarica
Authors: Hans Luschützky, Szilárd Tátrai, Péter Szigetvári, Krisztina Károly and Erika Schmidt
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