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The stability and stabilization of the anthocyanins to light and air in the crude and partially purified extracts of the leaves ofAcalipha hispidawere studied at pH 3.0. Addition of non anthocyanic flavonoid fractions fromA. hispidato the partially purified extracts did not significantly improve the time of half life of the extracts, whereas addition of tannic acid resulted in an increase of t½ of 60-67%.

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The effect of light on the stability and stabilization of the anthocyanins isolated from freeze-dried aqueous extracts of fruits of Euterpe oleracea were studied, using crude and purified extracts at pH 2.2 and 3.0. Crude extract was 80.0 times more stable than the purified one at pH 2.2 and 24.3 at pH 3.0. Stabilization with tannic acid was attempted and resulted in 65% half-life increase of the anthocyanins of the crude and a considerable half-life increase (610%) of the purified one.

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