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The European Union countries tend to strongly prefer indirect taxes. This tendency results in the increase of the value added tax rate. In the economic reality, the legal burden of the consumption tax is distorted and it consequently leads to distribution and shift to other entities participating in market transactions. The aim of the paper is twofold. First, to determine the primary value of the relative distribution of the burden on the seller and the buyer. Second, to adjust it for those values which suggest that the increase in the tax burden may result in a reduction in sales prices. Furthermore, the paper aims to follow the conservative approach for determining the minimum values of the shift of the tax burden onto the consumer. The strict determination of the limits of burden distribution is presented within the limits of the actual tax burden. Finally, the partial shift of the increased tax burden onto consumers in the minimum amount of 1/3 is identified together with a significant negative correlation between the size of change of the tax burden and the rate of shift of the tax burden.

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