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“Social futuring” is a neologism that locates a new meaning. The paper aims to frame and interpret this new meaning of/reference to social futuring in comparison to preexisting, conceptually related terms: resilience (optimism), future proofing, and future orientation. These are singled out as key concepts of individual prosperity, the future orientation of society and culture, and strategic planning (especially technological planning). Also, they provide fine examples of the semantic category elements that also appear in the interpretation of social futuring: a) change, and b) attitudes to change, c) vision as a condition, d) entity/agency (individual, social or cultural level, or of an instrumental type), and e) (motivated/strategic) action. Through systematic comparison, the characterizing differences and similarities can be drawn out and exhibited to prove the unique nature and relevance of social futuring in academic and professional discourses.

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Authors: Petra Aczél, János Csák and Zoltan Oszkar Szanto
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Authors: Petra Aczél, Réka Benczes and Eszter Deli
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