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The core samples of oil- and bitumen-containing rocks from Tatarstan's deposits of different ages were studied by thermal analysis methods (DTA, TG, DTG). Based on the obtained data, a procedure was elaborated for determining the enclosed organic matter content and the index of its fraction composition. A significant increase of the organic matter content in the core and its enrichment in high-molecular aromatic structures were shown to occur for the oil-containing rock samples when passing from the Devonian to Carboniferous and Permian deposits. The core samples of the Devonian oil-containing rocks may be divided into three groups: the samples taken from the zones where waste water flooding has been started relatively recently (1), or fresh water flooding has been carried on for a long time (2) and the samples of rock containing clay minerals as impurities. Thus, thermal analysis can be used in geochemical studies to identify the organic matter enclosed by oil- and bitumen-containing rocks.

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