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This communication presents the comparative experimental study of solar cookers based on the exergy analysis. In this study two different types of solar cookers viz. paraboloid type and box type have been evaluated using exergy analysis. The experiments have been carried out with cookers filled with different volume of water viz. one and two liters along with the suitable quantity of rice. Data of temperatures and solar radiation have been measured for different food stuff on clear sky day of the month. It is found that the exergy efficiency increases as the volume of water increases, however, the exergy efficiency of paraboloid solar cooker is found to be higher than that of the box-type solar cooker for all the cases mentioned above. However, it is also found that the exergy efficiency vary with the cooking stuff and water which is due to the fact that the requirement of heating vary with the food stuff.

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A facility based on real time multiple ion detection trend analysis mass spectrometry has been set up in our laboratory for studying thermal decomposition behaviour of inorganic solids. The system has been used for studying decomposition of CuSO4· 5H2O. Non-isothermal kinetic rate expressions based on random nucleation and 3-d phase boundary migration (for dehydration stage), 3-d diffusion and 3-d phase boundary migration (for decomposition stage) were found to have significant correlations with Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) data. Brief description of the experimental facility along with physical explanations behind compliance of EGA data to above models are discussed.

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Cereal Research Communications
Authors: M. Sivasamy, M. Aparna, J. Kumar, P. Jayaprakash, V.K. Vikas, P. John, R. Nisha, K. Srinivasan, J. Radhamani, S.R. Jacob, S. Kumar, Satyaprakash, K. Sivan, E. Punniakotti, R.K. Tyagi, and K.C. Bansal
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