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Oseltamivir is an antiviral drug and is used in the treatment of all influenza viruses. It is the most effective antiviral option against all influenza viruses that can infect humans. UV and LC methods have been developed and validated according to ICH guidelines for various parameters like selectivity, linearity, accuracy, precision, LOD and LOQ, robustness for the quantitative determination of oseltamivir in pharmaceutical formulations. LC method has been performed using reverse phase technique on a C-18 column with a mobile phase consisting of 20 mM potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution and acetonitrile (60:40, v/v) at 25 °C. The mobile phase flow rate was 1.2 mL min−1. For the determination of oseltamivir, UV spectrum has been recorded between 200 and 800 nm using methanol as solvent and the wavelength of 215 nm has been selected. Both methods have demonstrated good linearity, precision and recovery. No spectral and chromatographic interferences from the capsule excipients were found in UV and LC methods. In both methods, correlation coefficients were greater than 0.999 within a concentration range of 10–60 mg mL−1 using UV and LC. Intra-day and inter-day precision with low relative standard deviation values were observed. The accuracy of these methods was within the range 99.85–100.17% for LC and from 99.26 to 100.70% for UV. Therefore UV and LC methods gave the most reliable outcomes for the determination of oseltamivir in pharmaceutical formulation.

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