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The mite fauna of bulbaceous ornamental plants in Ankara, Turkey was investigated during 2000-2002. A total of 12 astigmatid species belonging to 6 genera and 13 prostigmatid species belonging to 12 genera were identified. The pest potential of Rhgizoglyophus, Acarus and Tyrophagus spp. is considered and it was concluded that Rhizoglyphus robini (Claparéde) is the most common and harmful mite species occurring on bulbs of ornamental plants throughout the growing season and in storage. Acarus farris (Oudemans) and Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank) were also abundant on bulbs. Hypopicheyla elongata Volgin (Cheyletidae) and Anoplocheylus taurcicus Berlese (Pseudocheylidae), and the astigmatid Tyrophagus robertsonae Lynch, 1989 (Tyroglyphidae) are new records for the Turkish fauna. Astigmatid species prefer bulbaceous plants and prostigmatids occasionally occur on the same host plants. Dahlia hybrida was the preferred and most populated bulbaceous host plants.

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