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Interesting effects of fluoride additives, LiF, NaF and CaF2, on the solid-state reactions in the MgO - Cr2O3 and ZnO - Cr2O3 systems under an atmosphere of nitrogen were observed by means of DTA. For the MgO Cr2O3 - MF (M=Li, Na) systems, it was concluded that the melting of the fluoride additives plays an important role in accelerating the second reaction step at around 1000°. On the other hand, for the ZnO- Cr2O3 - MF (M=Li, Na) systems, a great acceleration by the additives was observed in the first reaction step at around 700°, a much lower temperature than the melting points of the fluorides. The effect of CaF2 was not clear in either system.

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The size distributions of 38Cl, 39Cl, 82Br and 84Br aerosols generated by irradiations of argon and krypton gases containing di-octyl phthalate (DOP) aerosols with 45 MeV and 65 MeV quasi-monoenergetic neutrons were measured in order to study the formation mechanism of radioactive particles in high energy radiation fields. The effects of the size distribution of the radioactive aerosols on the size of the added DOP aerosols, the energy of the neutrons and the kinds of nuclides were studied. The observed size distributions of the radioactive particles were explained by attachment of the radioactive atoms generated by the neutron-induced reactions to the DOP aerosols.

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