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Artificial ageing of double base rocket propellant

Effect on dynamic mechanical properties

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
S. Matečić Mušanić
M. Sućeska


The ageing of double base rocket propellants (DB rocket propellants), which is a consequence of chemical reactions and physical processes that take place over time, has significant effect on their relevant properties (e.g. chemical composition, mechanical properties, ballistic properties, etc.). The changes of relevant properties limit the safe and reliable service life of DB rocket propellants. This is the reason why numerous research efforts are devoted to finding out reliable methods to measure the changes caused by ageing, to assess the quality at a given moment of time, and to predict remaining life-time of DB rocket propellants. In this work we studied dynamic mechanical properties of DB rocket propellant artificially aged at elevated temperatures, in order to detect and quantify changes in dynamic mechanical properties caused by the ageing. Dynamic mechanical properties were studied using dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA). The results obtained have shown that the ageing causes significant changes of DMA curve’s shape and positions. These changes are quantified by following some characteristic points on DMA curves (e.g. glass transition temperatures; storage modulus, loss modulus and tanδ at characteristic temperatures, etc.). It has been found out that the most sensitive parameters to the ageing process are: storage modulus at viscoelastic and softening region, peak width and height on loss modulus curve, glass transition and softening temperature, and tanδ at viscoelastic region.

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