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A barium-iron(III) [BaFe(cr-salen)(py)2](ClO4)3 (1) was prepared and an iron(III) complex [Fe(cr-salen)(py)2]ClO4 (2) complex was obtained by removing Ba2+ ion from the barium-iron(III) complexes with guanidinium sulfate. These complexes are in the high-spin state both in the solid state and in acetonitrile. Single crystals of [BaFe(cr-salen)(MeOH)2]2O(ClO4)4·2MeOH (3) were obtained by slow evaporation of a solution of (2) and Ba(ClO4)2, and the single crystal X-ray structure of (3) was determined: Crystal data for [BaFe(cr-salen)(MeOH)2]4O2(ClO4)4·2MeOH: C25H36N2O17.5Cl2BaFe, are: space group C2/c, Z=8, a=24.79(7) Å, b=16.11(6) Å, c=17.24(6) Å, V=6753(36) Å3, R=0.133, Rw=0.154. The structure of the complex has a one order polymeric chain. An iron atom is located in a cavity of square pyramidal geometry and bridged by an oxygen atom of μ-oxo. A barium ion is sitted in a quasi-crownether ring and bridged by two perchlorate anions.

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