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  • Author or Editor: Sebastiaan (Bas) A.M.W. van den Broek x
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Journal of Flow Chemistry
Authors: René Becker, Sebastiaan (Bas) A.M.W. van den Broek, Pieter J. Nieuwland, Kaspar Koch and Floris P.J.T. Rutjes


To expand the knowledge base for fundamental organic reactions in continuous flow, the α-bromination of acetophenone was successfully transformed from a known batch procedure to a continuous flow process in 99 % yield through D-optimal optimisation and subsequent scale-up of the validated optimum. Using a preparative scale system, a space–time yield of 0.26 kg/m3/s (comparable literature batch reaction 0.24 kg/m3/s) was achieved under conditions suitable for laboratory and small-scale industrial application where high yield or purity is required, e.g., when expensive substrates are used.

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