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Au–Pt and Au–Pd bimetallic nanoclusters that catalyzed the aerobic oxidation of alcohols during a once-through pass through gas–liquid–liquid–solid flow systems were developed. Alcohols were converted to aldehydes and ketones in benzotrifluoride (BTF)/water media by Au–Pt catalyst or to the corresponding methyl esters in methanol/water media by Au–Pd catalyst. The flow systems were superior to the batch systems in terms of both yield and selectivity.

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Journal of Flow Chemistry
Authors: Masaharu Ueno, Yasuharu Morii, Kiyoko Uramoto, Hidekazu Oyamada, Yuichiro Mori and Shū Kobayashi

Continuous-flow hydrogenation of aromatic nitro compounds was successfully performed by using polysilane-supported palladium catalysts to afford the corresponding amino compounds in high yields. Productivity was high, and a wide variety of nitro compounds were applicable under the continuous-flow conditions. It is noted that no leaching of palladium was observed by inductively coupled plasma analysis.

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