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The effect of the addition of extracts of agro-industrial wastes to the culture media on the production of ß-glucosidase, xylanase, laccase, manganese-dependent and independent peroxidases by the edible fungus Pleurotus ostreatus was determined. The relationship between cultivation parameters and the enzyme activities was assessed by spectral mapping technique combined with non-linear mapping. It was proved that extracts enhanced markedly the activities of laccase, manganese-dependent and independent peroxidases. Multivariate mathematical-statistical methods indicated that the enzyme activities were the highest in culture containing pepper extract. It was further demonstrated that the selectivity of the enzyme production was negligible up till 14 days of fermentation and reached the maximum at the 28 th day.

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We give a new characterization of simple sets of polynomials B with the property that the set of B-multiplier sequences contains all Q-multiplier sequences for every simple set Q. We characterize sequences of real numbers which are multiplier sequences for every simple set Q, and obtain some results toward the partitioning of the set of classical multiplier sequences.

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Authors: H. Morais, C. Ramos, E. Forgács, T. Cserháti and J. Oliviera

The activity of lignin peroxidase (LiP) and laccase produced by Pleurotus ostreatus in culture media composed of agro-residues was measured by spectrophotometry. The overall enzyme activity and its dependence on the composition of culture media were determined by using spectral mapping technique followed by non-linear mapping. The relationships between the parameters of enzyme production and the composition of culture media and fermentation time were assessed by stepwise regression analysis. It was established that P. ostreatus did not produce LiP. The lowest enzyme production was observed in culture media containing extract of wheat straw. This finding indicates that the use of other agro-residues as substitutes for wheat straw is justified. It was further established that the enzyme production was also influenced by the pH of the culture media. It was found that enzyme activity quadratically depended on the fermentation time.

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