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This paper deals the Iron Age metalworks found in South Transdanubia, southern part of the Great Plain and in the Srem area. The objects are known from hoards (Szárazd-Regöly, Čurog, Hrtkovci, Židovar), inhumation and cremation burials. The gold and silver jewellery (masked gold beads, wheel shaped gold amulets, crescent decorated gold beads, silver ornaments, crossbow silver fibulae), bronze astragalos belts, bronze rings, amber beads show the influence of Illyrian-Thracian workshops in the Northern Balkan. The objects can be dated to 4th–3rd centuries B.C.

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Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Authors: D. Gáspár, T. Kemenczei, M. Szabó, N. Dávid, R. Müller and I. Holl
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