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We have examined nectar secretion of three Inula species (Inula spiraefolis L., I. ensifolia L., I. salicina L.) and we have established that the nectar secretion is periodical. The production maximums appear every two hours to I. spiraeifolia and there is a three hours rhytm at I. salicina. We have found a forenoon and an afternoon production section at I. ensifolia. The three Inula species nectar contains three main sugar componetnts: glucose, fructose and sucros, but their quantity values were different to each other. The nectar of I. spiraeifolia is hexose-rich (glucose-dominant), the nectar of I. ensifolia is sucrose-rich and nectar of I. salicina is sucrose-dominant.The sexual reproductionwas accented at species witch are sucrose-rich or sucrose-dominant. The vegetative reproduction seems to be dominant at hexose-rich species.

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