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The standard enthalpy of combustion of crystalline silver pivalate, (CH3)3CC(O)OAg (AgPiv), was determined in an isoperibolic calorimeter with a self-sealing steel bomb, Δc H 0 (AgPiv, cr)= −2786.9±5.6 kJ mol−1. The value of standard enthalpy of formation was derived for crystalline state: Δf H 0(AgPiv,cr)= −466.9±5.6 kJ mol−1. Using the enthalpy of sublimation, measured earlier, the enthalpy of formation of gaseous dimer was obtained: Δf H 0(Ag2Piv2,g)= −787±14 kJ mol−1. The enthalpy of reaction (CH3)3CC(O)OAg(cr)=Ag(cr)+(CH3)3CC(O)O.(g) was estimated, Δr H 0=202 kJ mol−1.

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