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Since first detected (Ba∞a, 1993), the western corn rootworm has become one of the main pests of maize in Central Europe. CSALOMON® pheromone traps (sticky panel-LEM, cloak-PAL, etc., Plant Protection Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary) are recommended mainly for detection of western corn rootworm (WCR) (Tóth et al., 2003). In the USA at economic WCR population levels, for field risk assessment, visual yellow sticky (Multigard, Pherocon AM) traps are used. In a region where WCR population has been present only for few years yet and the population increase proceeds, both trap types may be suitable. In order to estimate the correlation between the captures of visual and CSALOMON® pheromone traps, experiments were conducted for three years (1998-2000) to find out whether a useful correlation exists between captures on these two traps. Moderately strong and strong (minimum R=0,77; maximum R=0,87) correlation was found between captures on Multigard and CSALOMON® pheromone traps. At this population level no correlation was found between capture on Multigard traps and next year's adult emergence.

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