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Authors: István Háber, István Kistelegdi, Tamás Bötkös and István Farkas

The most common way to measure solar radiation is the horizontal global irradiation measured by a pyranometer. To use the collected data in photovoltaic energy-yield prediction a mathematical model can be made from average data’s of more years. These global horizontal values to be used on tilted surfaces like a solar module, should be transformed, according to the incident angle of the solar beam. But there is a diffuse component also, which has to be determined, because it should be transformed in different way. This work is a case study, where data modeling and the transformation process will be shown using the data collected for Pecs/Hungary, and transformed for an existing site on Komlo, the RATI Ltd’s zero energy factory and also a LabView program has been made based on these data, to be used in the complete ‘heat transfer based photovoltaic-yield model’.

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