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The enthalpies of combustion for 4-formylbenzoic acid (I), 4-methylbenzyl alcohol (II), and trimethyl 1,2,4-benzenetricarboxylate (III) were determined by the bomb calorimetry method. Enthalpies of sublimation for I and II were measured with a calorimeter. The contributions of different substituents to the standard enthalpies of formation for benzene derivatives in the gas state were derived.

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In the review traditional characteristics of the soil quality are discussed. Soil health (SH) along with its soil quality and fertility, is considered as the most important, functional characteristic of any soil ecosystem (SE). The consistent patterns and results of the study of structure and functions of the microbial community (MC) of the soil ecosystem were generalized to substantiate the quantitative parameters of soil health. The author’s developments for definitions of soil and soil health are given. The prospects of using the parameters of SH for diagnostics at recovery and biological rehabilitation of technogenically disturbed soils are proposed.

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