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This paper reports the detection of the myxozoan species Myxobolus elegans Kashkovsky 1966 in common dace (Leuciscus leuciscus) that has not been previously listed as its host. The problem of differentiation of phenotypically similar Myxobolus species is addressed. During parasitological survey of common dace from the desalinated part of the Gulf of Finland at the city of Sestroretsk, Russia, numerous oval-shaped plasmodia, 0.2–0.4 mm in size, filled with Myxobolus spores were found on the gills. Pear-shaped myxospores were 15.4 (14.8–16.0) × 10.2 (9.6–10.9) µm in size with a rib on each valve. On the basis of spore morphology, the species appeared to be similar to M. elegans and Myxobolus hungaricus Jaczó, 1940. In order to identify the species, molecular genetic analysis was performed, and the species was identified on the basis of morphological characteristics and 18S rDNA data. The results obtained indicate that the Myxobolus species observed on the gills of dace is M. elegans. Thus, common dace is another valid host of M. elegans besides the type host, ide (Leuciscus idus).

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