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Authors: A. Türler, H. Gäggeler, K. Gregorich, H. Barth, W. Brüchle, K. Czerwinski, M. Gober, N. Hannink, R. Henderson, D. Hoffman, D. Jost, C. Kacher, B. Kadkhodayan, J. Kovacs, J. Kratz, S. Kreek, D. Lee, J. Leyba, M. Nurmia, M. Schädel, U. Scherer, Schimpf, D. Vermeulen, A. Weber, H. Zimmermann and I. Zvara


On-line isothermal gas phase chromatography was used to study halides of261104 (T1/2=65 s) and262,263105 (T1/2=34 s and 27 s) produced an atom-at-a time via the reactions248Cm(18O, 5n) and249Bk(18O, 5n, 4n), respectively. Using HBr and HCl gas as halogenating agents, we were able to produce volatile bromides and chlorides of the above mentioned elements and study their behavior compared to their lighter homologs in Groups 4 or 5 of the periodic table. Element 104 formed more volatile bromide than its homolog Hf. In contrast, element 105 bromides were found to be less volatile than the bromides of the group 5 elements Nb and Ta. Both 104 and Hf chlorides were observed to be more volatile than their respective bromides.

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