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Determination of the reaction heat and studies of thermodynamic functions

Hydrolytic polymerization of chromium(III) at relatively high concentrations by microcalorimetry

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Lu Chengxue
Yu Xiufang
, and
Zhang Honglin

The hydrolytic polymerization of Cr3+ at relatively high concentrations was studied by microcalorimetry. The thermal curves were determined with a 2277 thermal activity monitor. From the curves, the identified reaction heats (δrH m σ), hydrolysis constants (K) and thermodynamic functions (δrS m σrH m σ) were calculated at different temperatures.

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Prorocentrum donghaiense caused large-scale red tides off Chinese coast in recent years. Expressed sequence tag (EST) analysis was carried out for this dinoflagellate in order to identify the genes involved in its proliferation and death. A cDNA library was constructed for P. donghaiense at late exponential growth phase, and 308 groups of EST were generated, which include 36 contigs and 272 singletons. Among 22 groups showed homologies with known genes, 2 matched significantly with caspase and proliferating cell nuclear antigen. Caspase and proliferating cell nuclear antigen are 2 key proteins involved in programmed cell death. Their identification evidenced preliminarily the induction of PCD in aging P. donghaiense. The identified included also calmodulin and protein phosphatase, two proteins involved in diverse cell processes including PCD by binding to or modifying others.

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The powervs. time curves ofStaphylococcus aureus were determined by using a 2277 Thermal Activity Monitor (Sweden). By means of a new model of microorganism growth, the growth rate constants at different concentrations of ginseng and the minimum concentration were calculated from these curves.

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