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We consider means that are simultaneously of the form ψ-1(ψ(x)+ψ(y)/2) and -1((x)+(y)-(x+y /2)), where ϕ and ψ are continuous strictly monotone functions. We solve the corresponding functional equation assuming that one of the functions is in C1. The result obtained enables us to improve that of J. Matkowski.

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Пусть 1<q<2 иL:=Σ n=1 1/q n=1/q−1. Дл ях∈[0,1] определим по индукциие n(х)=1, еслиA n:=Σi=1 n−1 εi(x)/qi+1/n≦x ие n(x)=0, если Аn>х. Известно, чтох=Σ n=1 εn(x)/qn.

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