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Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rare and progressive disease, characterized by increased vascular resistance leading to right ventricle (RV) failure. The extent of right ventricular dysfunction crucially influences disease prognosis; however, currently no therapies have specific cardioprotective effects. Besides discussing the pathophysiology of right ventricular adaptation in PAH, this review focuses on the roles of growth factors (GFs) in disease pathomechanism. We also summarize the involvement of GFs in the preservation of cardiomyocyte function, to evaluate their potential as cardioprotective biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets in PAH.

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Authors: P. Mell, J. Megyeri, L. Riess, Z. Máthé, J. Csicsák and K. Lázár


Sorption of60Co,85Sr,  137Cs and125I have been studied on samples originated from Boda (siltstone-) claystone formation (BCF) (Hungary). The distribution of K dvalues have been determined in static batch experiments using natural groundwater. The order of sorption of isotopes was Co>Cs>Sr>I, where iodine exhibits sorption properties in a modest extent. The sorption isotherm was determined for Cs from measurements carried out in 10-5-10-1M initial concentration range. The isotherm can be described with non-linear Freundlich approximation in the range of 10-7-10-4M equilibrium concentration. At concentrations >10-2M the isotherm achieves saturation. Hence, it is suggested that sorption of Cs on BCF is dominated by cation-exchange reactions on the illite mineral component. In the case of Co and Sr, precipitation reactions occurred during the experiments performed with carrier-containing solutions. This can be attributed to the low values of solubility product constants of SrCO3, SrSO4and Co(OH)2, formed from anions present in the natural groundwater.

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Authors: P. Mell, J. Megyeri, L. Riess, Z. Máthé, G. Hámos and K. Lázár


Diffusions of85Sr,137Cs,60Co and125I radionuclides have been studied in borecore samples from Boda siltstone/claystone formation (BCF) under ambient and in situ conditions. In-diffusion (85Sr,137Cs,60Co and125I) and through-diffusion measurements (125I) were performed at ambient conditions, and for iodine, in-diffusion measurements were also carried out at in situ conditions (100 bar, 50 °C). In the case of cationic species carrier-containing solutions were also applied.60Co was detected only in the first slice of borecore at each sample, while137Cs was detected also in the first-, second- and third slices according to the concentration-increase of inactive carrier. Among the investigated cations,85Sr exhibited the fastest diffusion rate with 2.7-6.0 . 10-12m2/s apparent diffusivity values. In the course of in-diffusion measurements 4.7 . 10-11 m 2 /s, during through-diffusion investigations 1.4-1.6 . 10-12m2/s and at in situ conditions 5.0-8.0 . 10-12 m2/s apparent diffusivities were obtained for125I.Modest sorption of125I can also be deduced from the results.

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