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Barley-infecting isolates of Wheat dwarf virus (WDV) were collected in the field in the vicinity of the cities Dunakiliti, Heves and Siófok, in Hungary. Viral genomic DNA was amplified by the rolling circle amplification technique, digested with Hind III, cloned into pBSK+ plasmid and sequenced. The clones were of the same size and showed above 99% identity to each other. Based on DNA sequences WDV-D01, WDV-H1 and WDV-H07 isolates showed high identity (94–99%) to isolates of WDV barley strain and Barley dwarf virus and lower identity to Oat dwarf virus (71% identity) and WDV wheat strains (85% identity).

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Barley-infecting isolates of WDV were collected in the field of near Sofia. The complete genomes of two isolates were amplified by PCR, cloned into pGEM-T plasmid and sequenced. The two clones were the same size and showed complete homology. The WDV-Bg17 clone was compared with Barley dwarf virus, Oat dwarf virus and Wheat dwarf virus isolates. Based on DNA sequences WDV-Bg17 isolate shows high homology (95–97%) to Barley dwarf virus isolates and differs from Oat dwarf virus (71% homology) and Wheat dwarf virus (85% homology).

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