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finds. respectively. Most of the bird bones (NISP=141) assigned to a number of species were found in 10 th –13 th features. Contrary. only 14 avian remains from a single species (the domestic chicken) represented the younger period. Owing to the small

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Across Languages and Cultures
Authors: Tobias Haug, Karen Bontempo, Lorraine Leeson, Jemina Napier, Brenda Nicodemus, Beppie Van den Bogaerde and Myriam Vermeerbergen

st Century . Edmonton, Alberta, Canada : Interpreting Consolidated . Bontempo , K. 2013 . Academizing a Semiprofession: A Chicken and Egg Dilemma . In

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fiery xayar fiery sexmet fiery usal returns to the meeting dog alpasti chicken alpasti beast 4 alpasti bath alasti wind’s văpăr sun’s văpăr water’s văpăr dead man’s văpăr house văpăr beast 5 văpăr money văpăr fiery văpăr fiery sexmet fiery xayar fiery

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you to them, and they will take you. You will have to live with them, to tell fortunes and steal chickens” ( Marcinkevičienė 1998 :147–148); “Children were afraid of beggars. If they saw one coming, they ran to hide behind the furnace or under the

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[ Cultural achievements in villages ], Cei şapte ani de-acasă [ Early education (recurrent topic), Grădinile şi loturile şcolare [ Gardens and school plots ], Cum ne putem îmbunătăţi găinile [ How to improve our chickens ], De ce ne îmbolnăvim [ Why

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text among the earliest Chinese Buddhist translations. 21 Liùchù 六畜 is a traditional Chinese term for domestic animals (sometimes specifically for horses, cows, goats, pigs, dogs, and chickens). It is often contrasted to the ‘six kinds of beasts’ or

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Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Authors: Beáta Tugya, Katalin Náfrádi, Sándor Gulyás, Tünde Törőcsik, Balázs Pál Sümegi, Péter Pomázi and Pál Sümegi

-Községporta-Szűcs-tanya site, where only 2 of the 375 pieces of bones proved to be hen bones. Goose bones are completely missing. 93 Although, the number of chicken bones (38 pieces) was behind horse bones (43 pieces), using the number of individuals’ calculations (4/11) it

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Social Change, Dress and Identity

Observations on the Disintegration of Peasant Culture as Exemplified by Rural Women’s Clothing in Hungary from the First World War to the End of the Kádár Era Socialism

Acta Ethnographica Hungarica
Author: Ágnes Fülemile

‘heritagization’ helps prolong its preservation. ( Figure 48, 49 ) Figure 46 Plucking chicken for the wedding soup. Szék (Sic, Transylvania, Romania). Middle- aged women wearing costume, a good portion of whom work as cleaning ladies in Budapest. They

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